The SME – Youth, a critical transition

The SME - Youth, a critical transition


The life of a company can be compared to that of a human being.

Project preparation required time and thought. After long months of gestation, birth draws attention and delights the parent/owner. What great emotions to launch, raise funds, and gather strength to bring this project to life?

Then years of development follow one another where we wait with curiosity the breakeven point. Finally the project becomes viable by itself. And we keep investing. We recruit, buy, produce, store, deliver,…

Then the organization is more rebellious in adolescence. Things happen: obstacles, imbalances, frustrations….. We start looking for causes and correct when possible.

This is a big turn for an organization. Too often everything happens during youth. At that time an organization needs specific expertise and objective insight. Take a step back, identify insidious mechanisms that can compromise the development and could potentially put the organization at risk. The brave entrepreneur who took risks needs efficient support to protect his “baby”.

V Hingre