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Talent Development
HR Consulting Excellence

I am dedicated to supporting talent development strategies for corporates and fostering excellence in HR business consulting - executive search, executive interim management, project sourcing. With a track record in both arenas, I stand as a trusted partner in achieving organizational growth and success.

Entrepreneurship, people focused,  integrity and operational excellence are my key drivers. I can operate in French, English and Dutch.

Victoria Hingre
Insead Certified Director

Talent Development

- Corporates -

  • Talent acquisition strategy

  • Selection of executives (tactics & operations)

  • Organizational design & succession planning

  • Recruitment & sourcing tools

  • Coaching & career counseling

  • Onboarding

  • Monitoring of outsourcing projects

  • Learning and development - Workshops design

  • Compensation & benefits

  • Employer branding

- HR Consulting Industry -

  • Launch & run businesses (P&L responsibility)

  • Shape & execute a comprehensive strategy

  • Design business plans

  • Implementing strategies to drive revenue & business growth

  • Structuring and prioritizing business development processes

  • Project management, organisation, processes, operational excellence

  • Performance monitoring, reporting tools, CRM, database management, legal

  • Marketing, branding & communication

  • Extensive & intensive networking

‘Leading with positive ethical values builds trust and brings out the best in people,
which brings out the best in the organization, which leads to great results’
- Linda Fisher Thornton -
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